About Us


The objectives for which this trust is established are:

1 To organize Durga Puja Celebrations annually along with cultural functions.

2 Any other religious puja like Laxmi, Kali &Saraswati Puja and any such puja on festival days.

3 To organize cultural programs and events involving various Indian traditional and contemporary cultural activities.

4 To organize efforts to maintain and perpetuate Indian culture among the youth.

5 To provide food & clothing, to promote women welfare/ health programs.

6 To promote, assist, and/or maintain all activities by whomsoever carried on or wherever carried on in India in conformity with the objects of the Trust and are conducive to the well being and general welfare of the nature are conductive for advancement of any object or objects of General Public, utility not involving/carrying on any activity for profit.

7 To engage, support and maintain charitable work in the field of education to eradicate illiteracy by providing / supporting basic education, health care to empower the socially and economically weaker section of society.

8 To support the physically or mentallychallenged persons and to provide them assistance in their education, food, clothing and other necessary help.

9 To grant relief and assistance to the needy / sick persons and to distribute relief material, medicines, food, water etc. in the places affected from natural calamity like flood, drought, famine and war etc. either independently or jointly with any Government or Semi-Government agencies or Association of similar object, out of its own funds or collected from outside by way of donation, grants, or contribution etc.

10 To engage in the activities for the welfare and up-liftmen of women particularly widows, old aged and those belonging to lower strata of society.

11 To take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils such as Dowry System, Wastage of money in various function, use of intoxicating drugs, Child Marriage (Bal Vivah ) and Child Labour etc.

12 To arrange and manage marriage programs for needy and poor girls/women.

13 To arrange and manage the training programme in Fine Arts, Crafts, Music, Painting, Yoga, Physical Education for the benefit of general public. To promote / preserve Indian culture, Traditions, Arts, Crafts etc and popularizing the same. Also to carry on the activities of arranging concerts, exhibitions and shooting cinematography films for the furtherance objects of the Trust.

14 To provide and arrange entertainment, sports and other programs/activities for the benefit of students & general public.

15 To establish, develop, run, support, maintain, take-over, construct, alter, improve, manage and control of Religious Precincts, Old-age Home, yoga and Meditation Centre, Naturopathy Center, Orphanage Home, Ashram, Dharamshala, Shelters, Community Centers for the benefit and use of the general public.

16 To print, publish and exhibit films, journals, magazines, periodicals, books, papers, news papers, pamphlets and advertisements, reports lectures and other reading materials and pictorial matters for the diffusion of useful knowledge and all other mass, contact programme like audio and audio-visuals, video cassettes or CDs etc for spreading of social and religious values as per the aim and objective of the Trust.

17 To organize Blood Donation Camp and to run ambulance services for service to mankind.

18 To educate people on HIV/AIDS and other such deadly diseases and arrange for awareness campaign for its prevention.

19 To acquire and take over all or any part of movable or immovable properties of any similar Trust, society or institution or any one else whosoever may be for the purpose of the Trust and to maintain such assets.

20 To receive/raise funds, through grants, aid, donations, subscriptions, sponsorship, presents, rent, gifts and loans or assistance in any other form for the fulfillment of aims & objectives of the Trust.

21 To undertake the conduct of regional, national, and international exhibition, seminars, conferences, workshops on rural development and economy.

22 To receive financial and non-financial assistance from any Government, Government and Non-Government organizations, International agencies/ organization, Banks and other legal entities or individuals, as permitted by rules of the Government of India.

23 To manage, purchase and deal with movable and immovable properties of the Trust keeping in the interest of aims and objects of the Trust.

24 To invest funds and help investment of any funds in the modes of investments from time to time which is in terms of Income Tax Act, 1961 or any other law for the time being in force and subsequent amendments thereof from time to time.

25 All the activities of the Trust shall be non-profitable and shall be conducted on “No Profit - No loss basis”.

26 The objectives of the Trust are for charitable purpose without distinction of caste, creed, colour or sex (gender) and as per rules regulations of the Government of India.